Welcome to the wonderful world of mother and daughter relationships!
Neelima is a mother and she shares a special bond with her daughter Amayra. It’s a relationship that is full of love, laughter, tears and endless memories. As a mother, Neelima come across many challenges in her day to day life. She faces
numerous up and downs in upbringing of her child but she is very determined and discipline in carrying out different skilled activities to provide Amayra a better life.
Amayra on the other hand, she is very caring and intelligent. She really understands the meaning of family and loves spending time with her
mother.  She loves playing outside, doing activities, going to mall, travel to scenic places & dance on the random beats. She is a (Daddi Amma) of the house and knows how to make person listen to her. In short, she is really active and outgoing.
In the world of mother & daughter, there are no limits to the adventures and experiences that await. From shopping trips to heartfelt conversations, from shared hobbies to inside jokes, the bond is truly unique. Join us as we explore the joys and challenges of this beautiful relationship, and discover the special moments that make it all worth it. Get ready to experience the magic of the mother and daughter!